THE "SMASH" REPORT: Season Two Premiere, Or, Change Partners and Dance

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06 Feb 2013

Megan Hilty as Ivy at the ATW gala.
Photo by Will Hart/NBC

The second major Shaiman-Wittman Bombshell song of the season-opener happens at an American Theatre Wing gala supper from which Bombshell producer Eileen (Anjelica Huston) and her creative team have been shunned, because of all the bad press the show has earned — including Derek's harassment issues, Julia's bad marriage and bad reviews, and the shady capitalization of the show from apparent underworld money (Eileen's bartender-investor boyfriend, Nick, played by Thorsten Kaye, would seem to be out of the picture now, too).

Eileen, Tom and Julia push their way onto the gala stage (much to the chagrin of the sourpuss ATW chair, played Margo Martindale) and, to prove they are not part of a dead show, present another swell number by Shaiman and Wittman, "They Just Keep Moving the Line," a plot song for Marilyn about showbiz powers-that-be changing their rules and challenging her future. It would seem to be a smart book song for Marilyn and a nifty reflection of the hurdles faced by Bombshell in general and Eileen specifically (and, if you want to read deeper, Rebeck).

Negative Ivy, who is to be let go from Bombshell because Karen is now the star and Karen wants her out, is enlisted to sing at that ATW gala because Karen cannot be reached, and the appearance is urgent: "Every Broadway big-wig will be there!" Eileen says, sounding more lightweight than necessary. (Learn more about the programs of the American Theatre Wing, the founding organization of the Tony Awards.)


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