The Spider-Man Chronicles: A Guide to a Year's Worth of Legal Action at Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark

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05 Jul 2012

Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

NOV. 7, 2011: Patricia Lambrecht, an investor who agreed to put up $2.5 million in collateral so that the producers of Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark could license the Foxwoods Theatre, files a lawsuit. In order to begin construction in the Broadway house, the producers needed to sign a Theater License Agreement, which states that the theatre would be returned to good condition following the run of the musical. Lambrecht's collateral was a guarantee that even if the show never opened, the theater would be paid for restoration costs. Lambrecht's deal included a facility fee of $368,750. That fee was increased to $985,000 once the production began experiencing numerous delays. Lambrecht stated that, to date, she's only received payment of $360,000 from producers and is currently owed $625,000 as well as seven months of interest.


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