The Top 10 Kander & Ebb Songs

By Ben Rimalower
12 Oct 2013

2. "New York, New York" from the film "New York"



Countless great songs have been written about "the city so nice they named it twice." It is, therefore, quite a feat that, with "New York, New York," Kander & Ebb managed to (quite arguably!) top that list. So many Kander & Ebb songs feature catchy vamps that immediately announce the tune's distinguished presence, but there is none as memorable and evocative as the internationally recognized "Dun dun dun duh-dun" of "New York, New York." In words and music, it is an infectious paean to the great metropolis and in turn, everything NYC means to so many millions of people the world over, whether that's freedom or fun or opportunity, excitement, glamour, culture, sex, food, or other pleasures and experiences. It's all vividly conjured up by this passionate anthem.


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