The Top 10 Kander & Ebb Songs

By Ben Rimalower
12 Oct 2013

9. "Isn't This Better?" from "Funny Lady"



I first became aware of this power ballad through Karen Mason's formidable rendition in the Kander & Ebb revue And the World Goes 'Round. I can't say that I've ever sat through the entire "Funny Lady" film, for which "Isn't It Better?" was written, but I have certainly relished Barbra Streisand's recording. I kept trying to cut this number off the list in favor of more popular songs from Kander & Ebb shows, but it was hard to let go. I'm particularly partial to how after the musical interlude, the song jumps right back full-throttle into the chorus, "Isn't this better? BETTER?"


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