The Top 10 Kander & Ebb Songs

By Ben Rimalower
12 Oct 2013

8. "All That Jazz" from Chicago



Truth be told, "All That Jazz" is another one I tried to bump off the list — and not because there were other songs to which I felt more beholden (as was the case with "Isn't This Better?"), but because there are other songs for which I have more affection than "All That Jazz." It's hard to feel proprietary over "All That Jazz." Chicago is so huge, and even before the successes of its long-running revival and film adaption, "All That Jazz" had already made considerable headway insinuating itself into our collective unconscious.

This is partly to do with the title which aptly borrows a common catch-phrase, effectively aligning itself with the idiom so that the song is brought to mind whenever we hear those words — further advanced by the success of Bob Fosse's hit film "All That Jazz," which doesn't even feature the song but contributes to its impact subliminally. Of course, the reason this all works is because the song is so catchy and so well crafted (and the cliché of the title is so perfectly set on the hook of the tune) that it can sustain such an elemental role in pop culture. "All That Jazz" may be ubiquitous, but it has earned its place.


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