The Top 10 Kander & Ebb Songs

By Ben Rimalower
12 Oct 2013

7. "Maybe This Time," written as a pop single, used in the film "Cabaret"



"Maybe This Time" is a great song. You can sing it happy with great optimism, or more pleading, even hopeless. It's hard to believe it wasn't written for Cabaret, considering how perfectly it suits the character of Sally Bowles, especially as played in the film by Liza Minnelli, who sang "Maybe This Time" with both desperation and buoyancy, passionately committed to a bright future with the man she was already fated to lose. There's actually an inherent contradiction to "Maybe This Time" in that the lyric claims, "Everybody loves a winner, so nobody loved me," but it's precisely this underdog status that makes Sally Bowles so, well, winning.


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