The Way He Was: Remembering Marvin Hamlisch, the Man and the Music

By Robin Tabachnik
04 Jan 2013

Maria Friedman
Singer-actress-director Maria Friedman, well known in her native England but not in the U.S. when Hamlisch heard her singing on the radio: "Marvin later told me he stopped the car, pulled over and said, 'I've got to work with that woman!' He flew me over, got me a visa, and booked me in the United States and London whenever he could. When I told him I was very sick with cancer, with no hair whatsoever, he said, 'Can you sing?' That was all he cared about. Three weeks later I broke my leg and I had to tell him I'd also be wearing a weight-bearing surgical boot, Marvin said, 'For God's sake, pull yourself together!,' but he didn't cancel the concert or replace me. He just said, 'With your bald head and your broken leg you're gonna make me look a lot better.' His faith in me helped me get well."


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