The Who's Tommy's Cheryl Freeman Among Cast of On Kentucky Avenue: The Atlantic City Club Harlem Revue

On Kentucky Avenue: The Atlantic City Club Harlem Revue will be presented May 25 at 3 PM at The Triad/Stage72.

Co-written and choreographed by Ty Stephens and co-written and directed by Adam Wade, the production is an homage to the now-defunct Club Harlem, a performance venue that hosted Nancy Wilson, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and many others.

The cast features Ty Stephens, Cheryl Freeman, Andricka Hall, Jeree Wade as Damita Jo and Lee Summers as comedian Slappy Black with Robert H. Fowler, Donna Clark, Brian Davis, Gregory J. Hanks, Mindy Haywood, Cassandra Palacio and Renee Ternier.

The band is led by musical director Frank Owens on piano with Wilbur Bascomb on bass, Greg Bufford on drums and conductor Richard Cummings Jr. on synthesizer.

On Kentucky Avenue was created by Jeree Wade and also features original music by Ty Stephens, Frank Owens, Branice McKenzie, Wilbur Bascomb, Adam Wade and Jeree Wade. Swing Dance choreography is by Mickey Davidson. The manager/co-costumer is Pearl Williams.

On Kentucky Avenue is produced by Robert R. Blume/Songbirds Unlimited Productions, Peter Martin/Rick Newman, in association with J.R. Knauf, Marshall N. Warner, Step Forward Entertainment, Marya Coburn and Cobi Narita. For more information visit Tickets can be purchased at The Triad/Stage72 is located at 158 West 72nd Street (2nd floor).