"Tired of Silence": Andrew Lippa's Track-By-Track Journey Through His Oratorio I Am Harvey Milk

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29 Jun 2014

3. "You Are Here":

This is a solo for Harvey with the chorus supporting him. I wanted to capture the excitement of the first day of work for this man as he stepped into City Hall and looked around, realizing that this place that had never before welcomed a gay elected official was now welcoming him.

4. "Friday Night in the Castro":

I was a child in the 1970's and grew up with disco music. Sexual liberation was happening at the same time as the change and growth in the gay community's political life. Music – in every era – has been crucial to defining social movements and, like it or not, disco was the music of gay progress. Pre-AIDS crisis, the music of free love, bad girls, and boogie nights was very much a part of San Francisco’s gay center, The Castro.


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