"Tired of Silence": Andrew Lippa's Track-By-Track Journey Through His Oratorio I Am Harvey Milk

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29 Jun 2014

5. "Was I Wrong?":

Part of my gay experience – a large and ongoing part – is the constant act of coming out to "them." Every new encounter with my husband and a hotel clerk or a Facebook request from a high school friend I'd all but forgotten about or meeting that cousin of my dad's I didn't know I had. Chief among my fears and struggles, especially early in my life, was the fear of losing my mother's love when she learned the truth about me. This movement is from the point of view of a mother or a sister or a lady in a red state who found herself in the middle of holding onto old, fixed beliefs and reconciling them with the man (the son, the friend, the brother) she says she loves.

6. "A Decent Society":

I saw a documentary about AIDS and the men who, in the early days of the crisis in the United States, worked to get lawmakers to approve new drugs. In an interview, one of those men talked about how people do things that have great potential to harm themselves: We smoke, we overeat, we lie, we cheat, we have sex with strangers. He suggested that in a decent society we don't shun the people who hurt themselves, we don't banish them or treat them as lepers. We have a responsibility to care for them. I wanted to write about that.


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