"Tired of Silence": Andrew Lippa's Track-By-Track Journey Through His Oratorio I Am Harvey Milk

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29 Jun 2014

9. "Thank You, Mrs. Rosenblat":

Betty Rosenblat was our next-door-neighbor and became my mother's best friend after my family moved to the United States from England in 1967. She was as American as my mother was British. Mr. Klein was my 5th-grade teacher. It feels good to thank the people who have helped me in my life. Whether that thank you is, as is the case of Betty Rosenblat, posthumous or whether we are prompted to thank the people in our lives right now who have profound impact on us, it feels good to offer a thank you to the people I've known and to the people, like Harry Hay and Barbara Gittings – gay leaders before Harvey Milk – for all they did to make my gay American experience a little smoother.

It's the only trio for the soloists and it's in multiple meters.

10. "San Francisco":

This is a love song to a city. I moved to New York City in 1987 in part because I hoped the city would love me as much as I had grown to love it before I even moved there. I wanted to find friends, lovers, success, happiness, but most of all I wanted to get away from Michigan which, at the time, felt like a place that didn't want me and wouldn't accept me. San Francisco was, for so many gay men, a place of hope and possibility and acceptance.


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