TKTS Booth in Times Square Will Now Sell Matinee and Evening Tix Simultaneously; Full-Price Tix Also Available

Theatre Development Fund's main TKTS discount booth in Times Square begins testing two new services Oct. 22. Matinee and evening tickets will now be sold simultaneously, and theatregoers will have the opportunity to purchase full-price tickets for all shows.

On two-performance days — Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays — matinee and evening tickets will be sold simultaneously when the TKTS booth opens. Previously, matinee tickets were sold only from 10 AM-2 PM with evening tickets sold only from 3 PM-8 PM.

Additionally, Window 1 will serve as a "Full-Price Ticket Window," which allows ticket buyers to purchase full-price tickets to all shows for future performances or same-day, full-price tickets to shows that are not available at a discount at any other TKTS booth windows.

"Our colleagues in Great Britain at the Society of London Theatres who operate the discount booths for the West End have been doing this successfully for many years," said TDF executive director Victoria Bailey in a statement. "We're curious to see if the Broadway and Off-Broadway ticket buyers who come to Times Square will also find these services beneficial."

TKTS Times Square hours for discount tickets are Monday, Thursday-Friday from 3 PM-8 PM for evening performances; Tuesday from 2 PM-8 PM for evening performances; Wednesday and Saturday from 10 AM-8 PM for matinee and evening performances; and 
Sunday from 11 AM-8 PM for matinee and evening performances.

The "Full-Price Ticket Window" will be open Monday-Saturday from 10 AM-8 PM and Sunday from 11 AM-8 PM. Currently, TDF is upgrading its TKTS app to reflect these changes. TKTS Times Square is now in its 40th year of operation and is located in Father Duffy Square at Broadway and 47th Street (under the red steps in the heart of Times Square). The discount booth is open 365 days a year.

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