Top Ten Revisited: Songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber

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22 Mar 2014

2. "Rainbow High" from Evita



Although "Rainbow High" is heavily chained to its source and the point in the plot of Evita when Eva sings it (on the eve of her post-inaugural European tour), there's no getting around how much of "Rainbow High" does resonate out of context. For anyone that's ever been made to feel they won't succeed, but persevered anyway, the burning, building drive of "Rainbow High" is infectious — a sort of "Don't Rain On My Parade" for the fascist set. It brought out the epitome of the fierce darkness of Patti LuPone's seminal performance in Evita and, even without the intoxicating chorus chant, this "The Merv Griffin Show" clip of the solo version LuPone performed in her act at Les Mouches is over-the-top thrilling.


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