"We Are What We Are": Nine Need-to-Know LGBT Characters from Broadway

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21 Jun 2014

Wilson Jermaine Heredia

8. Angel – Rent by Jonathan Larson

Rent is another Broadway show about AIDS — and Angel, the sweet transvestite who, after dying of it, becomes a sort of guiding spirit for the loved ones he leaves behind. It seems strange, today, referring to Angel with male pronouns, but that was how it was done in Rent. Is this is a testimony to how far we've evolved or how ensnared we've gotten in labels? Perhaps both. Angel was effective as a symbol for the audience as well as the other characters, because Angel emantated only love and positivity. Where Roger and Mimi couldn't get it together to just love each other and Mark couldn't love himself, Angel was who [she] was and loved Tom without complication from the moment they met. This is why Angel was the heart of Rent. [She] served as the embodiment of the message "measure your life in love." Angel had nothing but love for everyone — except that Akita.


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