What Are The Challenges and Rewards Of Being an Out Actor?: 19 Broadway Artists Respond

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20 Jun 2014

Nick Adams
Nick Adams

As part of Playbill.com's 30 Days of Pride initiative, a mix of Broadway actors were asked the same question: "What are the rewards, challenges and/or surprises of being an out actor?" Their answers follow.

Nick Adams
Living my life fully as myself surpasses any obstacles my career may face from being openly gay.

Murray Bartlett
It was never an option for me to not be out. And, I don't really make a big thing of talking about it because I feel like it's a non-issue for me, personally. I feel like I am who I am, and why would I hide it? But I also think that it's definitely important, particularly for young gay people to have role models, or to see that it's okay to be out and have a wonderful life.


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