What's Your Damage? A Track-by-Track Breakdown of the Heathers: The Musical Cast Album

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11 Jul 2014

"Kindergarten Boyfriend"

Katie Ladner, who plays Martha, really stands out in this song, where she sings about her "Kindergarten Boyfriend" and the lack of trouble she faced at such a young age. Ladner demonstrates wonderful control over her instrument, and we can feel throughout the song that she is truly acting via a cast album. Plus, we're living for her notes at 3:30. Bravo!

"Yo Girl"

When we learn that Martha attempted suicide, Veronica realizes that things have gone too far and that she is becoming a Heather at heart. The chorus of teens in the back is perfect: "Yo, girl. Keep it together. I knew you would come far. Now you're truly a Heather. Smell how gangsta you are." They build as Veronica's world comes crashing down before her eyes.

"Meant to Be Yours"

A big moment for J.D. is had in "Meant to Be Yours." He's perfectly creepy, and throughout the wordy song, he finds different colors in his character. His switch between his chest and head voice is a great choice for his schizophrenic personality.

"Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)"

After Veronica has faked her own suicide, she heads to Westerberg High to stop J.D. from blowing up the school and save her classmates. She knows that she is risking her own life to face J.D. (referring to herself, yet again, as a "Dead Girl Walking"), but belts her way through it. We love this tune in Weed's voice (we can't stop playing her belty "Yeah!" at 20 seconds as well as "And there's your final bell, it's one more dance and then farewell, cheek to cheek in hell with a dead girl walking!" We are living for her option up on the word hell).

"I Am Damaged"

Things begin to wrap up in "I Am Damaged" — hence the bits of dialogue — and there are tons of special sound effects as the bomb goes off in Westerberg.

"Seventeen (Reprise)"

Barrett Wilbert Weed brings us home in "Seventeen," a typical ending to a story ridden with high-school angst: "We're all damaged. We're all frightened. We're all freaks. But that's all right. We'll endure it. We'll survive it." The cast, in Heathers fashion, end on a high note.

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