WorkShop Theater Company Presents World Premiere of The Golden Year

The Golden Year, by Daniel Damiano, will receive its world premiere at the WorkShop Theater Company.

Directed by Kathy Gail MacGowan, the cast includes Ellen Barry, Gerry Goodstein and Joesph Franchini. Performances begin June 6. "Joe and Jean Brancato, a newly retired Long Island couple, seek to rest on the laurels of a life thus far made up of hard work and economizing," press notes state. "While Joe, retired-by-choice, is content to relax for a bit before 'embarking on all their adventures,' Jean is still licking her wounds from a 'forced' retirement. In this newly sedentary period, Jean begins to question her life, and to her surprise (and Joe's) spontaneously auditions and secures a role in the local community theatre production of a new play. Her journey as an actress leads to a surprising end, as the play begins to mirror real life, bringing unexpected events that will test not only their marriage…but their collective sanity."

A full performance schedule, tickets and more information can be found by calling (866) 811-4111 or by visiting