"World, Take Me Back": 12 Musicals Due for a Broadway Revival

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02 Aug 2014

5. The Wiz

Like Mame, The Wiz has been revived before, but these were half-baked retreads where the sets and costumes from the national tour were pulled from storage and thrown on Broadway with members of the original cast recreating the original staging. A far cry from the first class revivals we've come to expect on Broadway today. I'm not saying shows need to be completely reconceived (although some do!) and I certainly think revivals ought to be more conscientious about learning what they can from the failure—and success—of the original productions. In many cases, the original should be the starting point. Like they say in improv, "Yes, and." There's far too much throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Anyway, my soap box aside, The Wiz is a stunning score and a classic story and overdue for a great new Broadway production.  New Yorkers gets a rare opportunity to see and hear for themselves in "54 Below Sings The Wiz" on Aug. 10.


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