Zach Braff On Why He Sent Red Bull to an Audience Member at Bullets Over Broadway (Plus Video)

Zach Braff, who stars as David Shayne in Bullets Over Broadway, recently appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and explained how he was distracted by a sleeping audience member in the front row of his Broadway show.

Braff, who makes his Broadway debut in Bullets, explained to Kimmel that he can only see the front row of the audience at the St. James Theatre. When he was distracted by a woman sleeping, he decided to send her a Red Bull and a note at intermission.

"I had an old woman fast asleep! Now mind you, the show — there's a 20-piece orchestra — is very loud," he explained. "There's gunshots. There's groups of 15 men tap dancing. This woman is fast asleep, so at intermission I decided I would send her a Red Bull.

"When I got out there — this is not a lie… I got out there to do the second act, and we have these booster seats for kids… Her family had propped her up with booster seats — on sides and behind her — they had put sunglasses on her, and the Red Bull was in her hand. It was like 'Weekend at Bernie's'."

Watch the interview with Kimmel below: