John Mills

John Mills


Sir John Mills, one of Britain's most famous actors, has died at the age of 97. The father of the actresses Hayley and Juliet Mills and the husband of the playwright Mary Hayley Bell was one of the world's most famous screen and stage actors for decades. Sir John survived most of his contemporaries, who included Laurence Olivier, John Gielgud and Alec Guinness. He continued working for almost his entire life, appearing in the 2003 movie "Bright Young Things" and in 2005 in a short film called "Lights2". His death came on Sunday, April 23, Shakespeare's birthday, a fact that the actor Stephen Fry noted in the Guardian newspaper: "It's marvelously typical of him to leave the party on St. George's Day and Shakespeare's birthday and death day."

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  • Also known as: Lewis Ernest Watts Mills
  • Born: Feb 22, 1908 in Norfolk, England
  • Death: Apr 23, 2005 in Buckinghamshire, England

Roles (2)

Pygmalion Playbill - May 1987 Pygmalion (1987)
Opened Apr 26, 1987
  • as Alfred Doolittle (Original)
Ross Playbill - Dec 1961 Ross (1961)
Opened Dec 26, 1961
  • as Aircraftman Ross (Original)


Tony Award
1962 Actor in a Play Ross Nominee