Jane Wyatt

Jane Wyatt, the stage and film actress who found her greatest success on the small screen's warm-hearted sitcom "Father Knows Best," died on Oct. 20, 2006, at her home in Bel Air, California. She was 95. On film, Ms. Wyatt was known for playing pretty, devoted and rather dull wives to virtuous men, who were often portrayed by Hollywood's leading men, including Gary Cooper (in "Task Force"), Dana Andrews ("Boomerang") and Cary Grant ("None But the Lonely Heart"). Still, she did her wifely duty in service of some of filmdom's finest directors, including Elia Kazan, who directed her in "Boomerang" and "Gentlemen's Agreement," and Frank Capra, who cast her in what is perhaps her best-known role, as an enchanting resident of the mythical Shangri-la, who almost tempts Ronald Colman away from the wicked world.

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  • Also known as: Jane Waddington Wyatt
  • Born: Aug 12, 1911 in Campgaw, NJ, USA
  • Death: Oct 20, 2006 in Bel Air, California