Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr, the British-born actress who starred in the film version of The King and I and the original productions of the Broadway plays Tea and Sympathy and Seascape, died Oct. 18, 2007, in Suffolk, eastern England, AP reported. She was 86 and suffered from Parkinson's Disease. Ms. Kerr was a major Hollywood star throughout the 1950s. Blessed with pale skin, lovely, placid features and blonde hair, which she typically wore short and back, she played a series of emotionally cool, well-bred, but kind women. On screen, no one was more ladylike than Deborah Kerr. "I came over here [Hollywood] to act," she said, "but it turned out all I had to do was to be high-minded, long-suffering, white-gloved and decorative."

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  • Born: Sep 30, 1921 in Glasgow, Scotland
  • Death: Oct 16, 2007 in Suffolk, England