Gerald Schoenfeld

Gerald Schoenfeld, the longtime Chairman of the theatre-owning powerhouse known as the Shubert Organization and a man routinely referred to as the most powerful man on Broadway, died suddenly Nov. 25, 2008, at his home in Manhattan. He was born in 1924 and was 84 years old. The Shubert Organization is the owner and caretaker of 17 Broadway theatres. It is the proprietor of more houses than any other company in the theatre. Along with his late partner, Bernard Jacobs, who died in 1996, Mr. Schoenfeld ruled over this real-estate empire, as well as the adjoining Shubert Foundation. If you were a producer and regularly presented on Broadway, you had no choice but to do business with Jerry and Bernie. So closely were the two men associated with the organization that they were regularly referred to as "The Shuberts," even though they were no blood relations to the family of three brothers who first founded the dynasty.

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  • Also known as: Gerry Schoenfeld
  • Born: Sep 22, 1924 in New York, NY, USA
  • Death: Nov 25, 2008 in Manhattan, New York