June Allyson

June Allyson


June Allyson, the wholesome, sweet and utterly apple pie star of a series of popular MGM movie musicals in 1940s, died July 8, 2006, at her home in Ojai, California. She was 88. Blonde, petite, sweet-tempered, and attractive in an unthreatening way, June Allyson was perhaps the most anodyne star in the MGM musical camp. (Her most provocative feature may have been her throaty voice.) She had none of vivaciousness of Ann Miller, or the commanding singing voice of Judy Garland (who was a friend). But she appealed to audiences, who flocked to the many films that paired her with the equally homespun Van Johnson. These included "High Barbaree," "Two Girls and a Sailor," "Too Young to Kiss" and "Remains to Be Seen."

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  • Also known as: Eleanor Geisman, Jane Allyson
  • Born: Oct 7, 1917 in Bronx, NY, USA
  • Death: Jul 8, 2006 in Ojai, California

Roles (8)

Forty Carats Playbill - Dec 1968 Forty Carats (1968)
Opened Dec 26, 1968
  • as Ann Stanley (Replacement)
  • Arrived on Jan 5, 1970
Best Foot Forward Playbill - March 1942 Best Foot Forward (1941)
Opened Oct 1, 1941
  • as Minerva (Original)
Panama Hattie Playbill - June 1941 Panama Hattie (1940)
Opened Oct 30, 1940
  • as Dancing Girl (Original)
Higher and Higher Playbill - May 1940 Higher and Higher (1940)
Opened Apr 4, 1940
  • as Higher and Higher Specialty Girl (Original)
Production Placeholder Very Warm for May (1939)
Opened Nov 17, 1939
  • as June (Original)
Sing Out the News Playbill - January 1939 Sing Out the News (1938)
Opened Sep 24, 1938
  • as Minstrel (Original)
  • as Class of 1938 (Original)
  • as "Time-The Present" Performer (Original)