Peggy Conklin

Peggy Conklin, a Broadway actress who appeared in everything from the Gershwins' Treasure Girl to The Petrified Forest, died March 18, 2003, at her home in Napes, FL, according to The New York Times. Ms. Conklin, a native of Dobbs Ferry, NY, played Broadway roles starting in 1928, when she was in the chorus of the little-known musical, Treasure Girl, and subsequently found consistent work, appearing in The Little Show, His Majesty's Car, Purity, Old Man Murphy, Hot Money, Mademoiselle, The Party's Over, The Ghost Writer and The Pursuit of Happiness (in New York and London).

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  • Born: Nov 2, 1906 in Dobbs Ferry, NY, USA
  • Death: Mar 18, 2003 in Naples, FL, USA