Yum Yum 3

Yum Yum 3

Yum Yum 3
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“Exotic Thai cuisine with Vietnamese influence. The best variety of noodles in the city - you won't find these anywhere else!”

We're proud to have Chef Ying at our new Yum Yum 3 Noodle Restaurant !

Chef Ying as she liked to be called is a self taught hard working chef. Her drive for great cooking comes from loving to eat and make delicious authentic Thai cuisine for her family (immediate and extended family) to enjoy. She is inspired by the classical taste and aroma of authentic Thai food but using the convenience of a modern kitchen. She hopes that the next generation of her bloodline will learn and inherit her cooking skills so that she has someone to pass down her family recipes to.

Chef Ying has won various awards for her cooking in Thailand from her local township and province of Phattalung, Songkla and Bangkok. But it was the recognition from her vegetarian food and noodle shop that was located in Wong Sawang Intersection in Bangkok and her vegetarian noodle shop located at Songklanakarin University at the Hat Yai Campus in Songkla that she was given 5 stars from the local township and the vegetarian community. This award gained her recognition in the Thai vegetarian community and allowed her to obtain a work visa to come to the US and start her career as a chef.

As a Thai chef, Chef Ying has no specific ingredient that she loves to use in particular. She feels as a chef you must be able to use whatever ingredients are given to you and be able to make a delicious meal. But if she had to choose her favorite and most commonly used ingredients they are fish sauce, palm sugar and coconut milk. These are ingredients that she feels she can use to make many delicious Thai dishes such as curry, soups and noodle dishes. Her signature dish and favorite dish to make is Pad Thai since it is Thailand's national dish and it is a world wide recognized dish. She feels Pad Thai is a dish that true authentic Thai chef should be able to make well. It is a dish that has all the flavor from sweet, salty, sour from the lime wedge, a dash of spiciness from the crushed chili pepper and crunchiness from the fresh bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

We're welcoming you to come and try our authentic Thai noodle, food and exotic drinks !

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