S.S. Glencairn

S.S. Glencairn

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SYNOPSIS: An evening of four one-acts by Eugene O'Neill, set on the same tramp steamer, including Bound East for Cardiff, In the Zone, The Moon of the Carabees and The Long Voyage Home.

In Bound East for Cardiff, a sailor takes a fatal fall and reflects bitterly on the life he is leaving, despite his shipmates' attempts to comfort him.

In In the Zone, a seaman secretively removes a black box, leading his fellow mates to conclude he is a spy.

In The Moon of the Carabees, the ship is anchored off an island in the West Indies and the sailors come to blows over the favor of some native girls.

In The Long Voyage Home, a sailor gets drunk with his mates in a London bar, excited over his plans to leave the seafaring life, until he is slipped a mickey and taken aboard the worst ship possible.
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