Triple Play

SYNOPSIS: An evening of three one-acts and a monologue, including Tennessee Williams' Portrait of a Madonna, Anton Chekhov's Some Comments on the Harmful Effects of Tobacco, and Sean O'Casey's A Pound On Demand and Bedtime Story. Portrait of a Madonna follows a deranged Southern belle who is convinced that the love of her life, who rejected her for someone else, visits her for sex every night. Some Comments on the Harmful Effects of Tobacco is a monologue given by a smoker who has been sent by his domineering wife to lecture on tobacco's effects, when he would rather talk about his wife. A Pound On Demand is a comedy in which a drunk and his sober sidekick must deal with the matter of his account in a Dublin post office. In Bedtime Story, an Irish prostitute fleeces the Puritanical bachelor whom she has just serviced.