Cambridge Theatre

Venue Placeholder
  • Handicap Access: Access: 1. Level access to the foyer through two sets of double swing doors.
    2. 5 steps from the foyer down to the Stalls.
    3. 31 steps from the foyer up to the Royal Circle.
    4. 60+ steps from foyer up to the Upper Circle.
    5. 2 steps between each level in auditorium.
    Description: 1. Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Twin track infra-red system with 8 headsets. Deposit required.
    2. Blind/Visually Impaired: Guide dogs not allowed, but staff happy to dog sit.
    3. Wheelchair Users: Level access to the foyer through side door on Earlham Street. Slight slope down to Stalls. Transfers available. You must bring an able bodied person with you.
    4. Concessions available.