10 of the Best Custom Playbill Programs Created With PLAYBILLder in 2019

Back to School   10 of the Best Custom Playbill Programs Created With PLAYBILLder in 2019
These schools, community theatres, and weddings used PLAYBILLder to create custom Broadway-quality programs.
10 PLAYBILLders 2019 Lead

Have you ever wanted to make your own Playbill program for a local production or event? Whether you’re building a full professional program for a high school or community theatre show, or just making a fun program for an especially theatrical wedding or birthday party, PLAYBILLder makes creating authentic Broadway-quality Playbill programs easy and fast.

Since its launch in 2013, PLAYBILLder has grown exponentially and now boasts over 60,000 unique users in all 50 states, with more than 1 million programs printed annually. With its easy-to-use and cost-effective platform for building your own Broadway-quality program, PLAYBILLder adds that professional touch to any showgoing experience.

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As part of Playbill's Back to School week, we're taking a look at some of the most memorable and creative PLAYBILLder-created programs from the 2018–2019 school year. From local productions to church events and weddings, these events went the extra mile making a professional program as memorable as the event itself.

Ready to get started making your own Broadway-quality Playbill program with PLAYBILLder? Head over to PLAYBILLder.com!

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