100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault

News   100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault
The Playbill Vault introduces 100 historic Playbill covers into the archives.

Spanning three decades from 1930 to 1960, the latest collection of vintage covers includes such notable Broadway productions as…

The original production of the Rodgers and Hart musical Pal Joey, featuring a then-unknown Gene Kelly in a star-making turn as the title schemer.

Rodgers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma, which enjoyed a record-setting five years on Broadway.

The Broadway premiere of Thornton Wilder's Our Town, which would go on to win the 1938 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The legendary 1943 production of Othello starring Paul Robeson in the title role, Uta Hagen as Desdemona, and Jose Ferrer as Iago. The stage premiere of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.

Explore these historic productions and many more on the Playbill Vault.

The Animal Kingdom (Apr 1932)
As Thousands Cheer (Dec 1933)

The Barretts of Wimpole Street (Nov 1931)

The Bellamy Trial (Apr 1931)

The Blue Widow (Aug 1933)

The Boy Friend (Jun 1932)

The Bride the Sun Shines On (Dec 1931)

The Bride the Sun Shines On (Jan 1932)

Brigadoon (Sep 1947)

The Cat and Fiddle (Oct 1931)

The Chameleon (Jul 1932)

Flying High (Oct 1930)

George White's Scandals (Oct 1931)

Hot Money (Nov 1931)

I Loved You Wednesday (Oct 1932)

I Must Love Someone (Apr 1939)

I Must Love Someone (Feb 1939)

If I Were You (Nov 1931)
If Love Were All (Nov 1931)

In the Best of Families (Feb 1931)

Insult (Sep 1930)

Invitation to a Murder (May 1934)

Is Life Worth Living (Nov 1933)

Jamboree (Nov 1932)

Jewel Robbery (Feb 1932)

Joy of Living (Apr 1931)

Keeper of the Keys (Oct 1933)

Kindred (Dec 1939)

Life is Like That (Dec 1929)

The Life Line (Dec 1929)

Lilly Turner (Oct 1932)

Louder Please (Dec 1931)
Louder Please (Nov 1931)
Luana (Sep 1930)
Mackerel Skies (Jan 1934)
Mademoiselle (Dec 1932)
Mademoiselle (Oct 1932)
Many Mansions (Dec 1937)
Many Mansions (Nov 1937)
Marching Song (Feb 1937)
Marigold (Oct 1930)
Marseilles (Nov 1930)
Masks and Faces (Mar 1933)
Matrimony Pfd (Nov 1936)
Maurice Chevalier (Feb 1932)
Medicine Show (Apr 1940)
Miss Gulliver Travels (Nov 1931)
Moor Born (Apr 1934)
Move On, Sister (Oct 1933)
Music in the Air (Apr 1933)
Never No More (Jan 1932)
Nine Pine Street (May 1933)
Nine Till Six (Sep 1930)
The Ninth Guest (Sep 1930)
No More Ladies (Jan 1934)
No Questions Asked (Feb 1934)
Nona (Oct 1932)
Of Mice and Men (Dec 1937)
Of Thee I Sing (Mar 1932)
Of Thee I Sing (Oct 1932)
Of V We Sing (Mar 1942)
Oh, Promise Me (Feb 1931)
Oh, Promise Me (Nov 1930)
Oklahoma (Mar 1943)
Old Acquaintance (Apr 1941)
Old Acquaintance (Feb 1941)
The Old Maid (Mar 1935)
Old Man Murphy (Jul 1931)
Old Man Murphy (May 1931)
Oliver Oliver (Jan 1934)
On the Make (May 1932)
Once in a Lifetime (Nov 1930)
Once Upon a Time (Dec 1939)
One for the Money (20 Feb 1939)
One for the Money (4 Feb 1939)
One More Honeymoon (Apr 1934)
One Sunday Afternoon (Feb 1933)
One Touch of Venus (Jan 1944)
One, Two, Three (Sep 1930)
Only the Heart (Apr 1944)
Oscar Wilde (Oct 1938)
Othello (Nov 1943)
Our Town (Jun 1938)
Our Wife (Mar 1933)
Out from Under (May 1940)
Outrageous Fortune (Dec 1943)
Outward Bound (Jan 1939)
Over 21 (Jan 1944)
Overture (Dec 1930)
Pagan Lady (Nov 1930)
Pal Joey (Mar 1941)
Papavert (Jan 1932)
Paradise Lost (Jan 1936)
Peace on Earth (Mar 1934)
Peacock (Oct 1932)
Peepshow (Feb 1944)
Perfectly Scandalous (May 1931)
Peter Flies High (Nov 1931)
Petticoat Influence (Dec 1930)
Pigeons and People (Jan 1933)
Pins and Needles (Jul 1939)

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