100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault

News   100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault
The Playbill Vault introduces 100 historic covers into the Broadway archives.

These Playbill covers range from 1930 to 1945 and include such notable productions as:

-  The 1931 Broadway premiere of Private Lives, featuring Gertrude Lawrence and playwright Noël Coward as the sparring Amanda and Elyot

-  The 1937 revival of A Doll's House, starring a young Ruth Gordon as Nora Helmer

-  The 1940 production of Romeo and Juliet, featuring newlyweds Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier as the star-crossed lovers

-  The War World II–era plays Boy Meets Girl and That Old Devil, which traded traditional cover art for patriotic ads for U.S. war bonds Explore these historic productions and many more in the Playbill Vault.

200 Were Chosen (Dec. 1936)

Abe Lincoln In Illinois (March 1939)

A Church Mouse (Oct. 1931)

A Doll's House (Jan. 1938)

A Little Racketeer (Jan. 1932)

A Party (Sept. 1933)

A Regular Guy (June 1931)

A Saturday Night (Feb. 1933)

Arsenic and Old Lace (June 1941)

The Barber Had Two Sons (Feb. 1943)

The Blue Ghost (March 1930)

Boy Meets Girl (June 1943)

Change Your Luck (June 1930)

Ladies All (July 1930)

Many a Slip (Feb. 1930)

Marching By (March 1932)

Margin for Error (Oct. 1939)

Margin for Error (April 1940)

Meet My Sister (Jan. 1931)

Melo (April 1931)

Men in White (Oct. 1933)

Mendel, Inc. (April 1930)

Men Must Fight (Oct. 1932)

Men to the Sea (Oct. 1944)

Merchant of Venice (Nov. 1931)

Merry Go Round (May 1932)

Mexican Hayride (Feb. 1944)

Mexican Hayride (June 1944)

Midnight (Jan. 1931)

Missouri Legend (Sept. 1938)

Money in the Air (March 1932)

Monkey (Feb. 1932)

Morning Star (April 1940)

Most of the Game (Oct. 1935)

Mourning Becomes Electra (Dec. 1931)

Mourning Becomes Electra (May 1932)

Mr. and Mrs. North (Jan. 1941)

Mr. Samuel (Nov. 1930)

Mrs. January and Mr. X (April 1944)

Mrs. Moonlight (Sept. 1930)

Mrs. Moonlight (Feb. 1931)

Murder at the Vanities (Sept. 1933)

Murder at the Vanities (Nov. 1933)

Murder in the Cathedral (Feb. 1938)

Music in the Air (Jan. 1933)

My Dear Public (Sept. 1943)

My Dear Public (Oct. 1943)

My Sister Eileen (Dec. 1942)

Napi (March 1931)

Native Son (April 1941)

New Faces (Jan. 1943)

Night Music (March 1940)

Nina Rosa (Sept. 1930)

Nina Rosa (Oct. 1930)

No Time For Comedy (June 1939)

Old Acquaintance (March 1940)

Phantoms (Jan. 1930)

Potash and Perlmutter (April 1935)

Pressing Business (Nov. 1930)

Private Lives (May 1931)

Private Lives (June 1931)

Privilege Car (March 1931)

Rhapsody in Black (May 1931) 

Richard of Bordeaux (Feb. 1934)

Riddle Me This (March 1933)

Right of Happiness (April 1931)

Rocket to the Moon (Dec. 1938)

Romeo and Juliet (May 1940)

Room of Dreams (Nov. 1930)

Room Service (Aug. 1937)

Run Little Chillun (March 1933)

Ruth Draper (Dec. 1930)

Savage Rhythm (Jan. 1932)

School for Brides (Aug. 1944)

School for Brides (Oct. 1944)

Schoolhouse on the Lot (March 1938)

Seven Lively Arts (Feb. 1945)

Shoot the Works (Aug. 1931)

Sing and Whistle (Feb. 1934)

Sing High Sing Low (Nov. 1931)

Singapore (Nov. 1932)

Skylark (Nov. 1939)

Snafu (Oct. 1944)

Society Girl (Jan. 1932)

Soliloquy (Nov. 1938)

Sophie (Dec. 1944)

Spring Again (Jan. 1942)

Spring Meeting (Dec. 1938)

Steel (Nov. 1931)

Stepdaughters of War (Oct. 1930)

Stepping Sisters (Oct. 1930)

Strike Up the Band (March 1930)

Suspect (April 1940)

Suspense (Aug. 1930)

Sweet and Low (Feb. 1931)

Symphony in Two Flats (Oct. 1930)

Take a Chance (June 1933)

Take My Tip (April 1932)

Ten Nights in a Barroom (Jan. 1932)

That Old Devil (June 1944)

That's Gratitude (Oct. 1932)

That's the Woman (Sept. 1930)

We The People (Jan. 1933)

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