100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault

News   100 Historic Playbill Covers Added to Playbill Vault
The Playbill Vault introduces 100 historic Playbill covers into the archives.

These Playbill covers range from 1921-1931 and include such notable productions as:

-  The 1926 revue A Merry World, which marked Ray Bolger's first appearance on a Broadway stage

-  The 1927 musical Good News, which played 557 performances, an extraordinary run at a time when few shows surpassed 100 performances

-  The 1929 musical Fifty Million Frenchmen, one of Cole Porter's earliest Broadway works

-  The 1931 revue Crazy Quilt, featuring Fanny Brice produced by her then-husband Billy Rose -  The 1931 musical Friendship, written by and starring legendary song-and-dance man George M. Cohan

Explore these historic productions and more in the Playbill Vault

An American Tragedy (March 1931)

As Good As New (Nov. 1930)

As Husbands Go (March 1931)

The Bachelor Father (Feb. 1928)

Bad Girl (Oct. 1930)

Ballyhoo of 1930 (Jan. 1931)

Biff! Bing! Bang! (May 1921)

Billy Rose's Crazy Quilt (July 1931)

Bird in Hand (Nov. 1930)

Black Cockatoo (Dec. 1926)

Blind Mice (Oct. 1930)

The Book of Charm (Sept. 1925)

Bottomland (June 1927)

Brown Buddies (Nov. 1930)

The Call of Life (Oct. 1925)

Canaries Sometimes Sing (Oct. 1930)

A Church Mouse (Oct. 1931)

Cloudy with Showers (Aug. 1931)

Creoles (Sept. 1927)

Devil in the Mind (May 1931)

Did I Say No? (Sept. 1931)

Doctor X (Feb. 1931)

Earl Carroll's Vanities of 1928 (July 1928)

Elmer Gantry (Aug. 1928)

Enemy Within (Oct. 1931)

The Field God (May 1927)

Fifty Million Frenchmen (Nov. 1929)

Frankie and Johnnie (Sept. 1930)

Friendship (Aug. 1931)

Gasoline Gypsies (June 1931)

A Good Bad Woman (Aug. 1925)

The Good Companions (Oct. 1931)

Good News (Oct. 1927)

The Grand Street Follies (May 1927)

The Great Gatsby (Feb. 1926)

Happy Go Lucky (Sept. 1926)

The Harem (Jan. 1925)

He Walked in Her Sleep (April 1929)

Hit the Deck (April 1927)

The Inspector General (Dec. 1930)

Interference (May 1928)

It's a Wise Child (Aug. 1929)

June Days (Aug. 1925)

Keep It Clean (June 1929)

Laff That Off (Dec. 1925)

The Last Mile (Feb. 1930)

The Little Angel (Sept. 1924)

Louie the 14th (March 1925)

Lulu Belle (Feb. 1926)

The Manhatters (Aug. 1927)

The Merchant of Venice (Dec. 1930)

The Merry World (June 1926)

Mr. Pitt (Jan. 1924)

The Mud Turtle (Aug. 1925)

Murray Anderson's Almanac (Aug. 1929)

The Noble Experiment (Oct. 1930)

Princess Flavia (Nov. 1925)

Queen High (Sept. 1926)

A Regular Guy (June 1931)

Rio Rita (March 1928)

Room 349 (April 1930)

Say When (June 1928)

Sherlock Holmes (Feb. 1928)

The Silent Witness (March 1931)

Skidding (May 1928)

The Social Register (Nov. 1931)

The Song Writer (Aug. 1928)

Spring is Here (March 1929)

S. S. Glencairn (Jan. 1929)

Strictly Dishonorable (Oct. 1929)

Stronger Than Love (Dec. 1925)

The Student Prince (Jan. 1926)

Suspense (Aug. 1930)

Take the Air (Nov. 1927)

Ten Nights in a Barroom (March 1928)

Tenth Avenue (Aug. 1927)

This One Man (Oct. 1930)

Thrills (April 1925)

The Two Orphans (April 1926)

Tiger Cats (Oct. 1924)

Tired Business Man (June 1929)

Topaze (Feb. 1931)

Treasure Girl (Nov. 1928)

The Trial of Mary Dugan (June 1928)

Unexpected Husband (Jan. 1931)

The Uninvited Guest (Sept. 1927)

Up Pops the Devil (Sept. 1930)

The Vanderbilt Revue (Nov. 1930)

The Venetian (Oct. 1931)

The Venetian Glass Nephew (Feb. 1931)

The Vinegar Tree (Dec. 1930)

Washington Heights (Sept. 1931)

The Well of Romance (Nov. 1930)

With Privileges (Sept. 1930)

The Youngest (Feb. 1925)

What's the Use (Sept. 1926)

What The Doctor Ordered (Aug. 1927)

Whispering Friends (May 1928)

White Cargo (April 1926)

Ziegfeld Midnight Frolic (April 1929)

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