11 Reasons You Know You’re a Musical Theatre Major

Special Features   11 Reasons You Know You’re a Musical Theatre Major
We explain the life of a musical theatre major… through GIFs, of course.
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Majoring in Musical Theatre requires grit, stamina and a whole lot of passion. On top of 8 AM ballet classes, nonstop rehearsal and constant meet-and-greets with actors, you gain an immense amount of discipline and confidence that never leaves.

Being an M.T. major is no joke. After years of giving 110 percent to everything you do, the real world looks like a piece of cake. And no matter where life takes you, your time at drama school remains an intricate part of who you are.

It’s true that musical theatre peeps were born to stand out, but at the end of the day we secretly love it. It’s what makes us special and unique! Clearly there is a common thread uniting us all, and here is what that life looks like. Right?!

1. Getting a little too excited when Hamilton hits the speakers.

Cliche Gifs

2. Falling in love with the only straight guy in the department.

Falling in Love GIF

3. Owning a show-tune medley at a crowded karaoke bar.

Cliche Gifs

4. Re-tweeting anything Lin-Manuel Miranda writes.

Cliche Gifs

5. Navigating around that friend who thinks they’re talented at everything.

Cliche GIF

6. Breaking down the set like…

Cliche Gifs

7. Being able to take rejection.

Cliche GIF

8. Holding yourself together when someone tries to school you on theatre etiquette.

Cliche Gif Ya'll know I wrote the book right?

9. Traveling in groups to auditions.

Cliche GIF

10. Always talking about the business, because all your friends are actors.

Cliche GIF

11. Making lifelong friends with everyone in your class because you’ve been through the ringer—together.

Cliche Matthew Morrison

David Artavia is a New York writer and founder of The Real Gay Guy. He loves living vicariously through his friends. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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