12 Noon: The Dodger Office

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Dayna McCallum and John L. Haber
Dayna McCallum and John L. Haber Photo by Photo credit: Starla Smith

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What's it like in the office of a producer on the morning of a big opening night?

At Dodger Productions, producer of Titanic, opening in seven hours, it's controlled chaos, as you might expect.

Staffers are busy wrapping opening night presents for 150 cast, crew and creators, all of which must be delivered and ready in dressing rooms by 2 PM. Most of the work of producing is long done.

Taking center stage today are Dayna McCallum and John L Haber, Directors of Special Events for Dodger Productions. This is McCallum's 12th opening, and she says the craziest things on the morning of a big musical are wrapping all the gifts and dealing with all the last-minute requests for extra tickets.

As we speak, her phone rings constantly, her e-mail flashes. People have unexpected guests, people are unexpectedly sick. Whipping the tickets from one hand to another as the minutes tick away will be her main preoccupation.

Haber is overseeing the seating for the cast party. There is a painting of the ship being borrowed from a private collection; he must sign a paper accepting responsibility. There is a menu based on the last meal aboard the great ship, huge cake shaped like the ship -- even cookies in the shape of the logo of the White Star Line -- Titanic's parent company. And then there are the party favors -- Lifesavers candy. Think about it.

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