15 Musical Moments We Want in the Mean Girls Musical

Special Features   15 Musical Moments We Want in the Mean Girls Musical
If Tina Fey needs ideas, these would make some pretty “grool” musical numbers.
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Tina Fey announced the possibility of a Mean Girls stage adaptation back in 2013, and it was just revealed that the musical will come to fruition in fall 2017 in Washington, D.C. Fey continues to share updates about the musical, but just in case she is still looking for ideas, we’ve chosen 15 moments of the movie that would make really “grool” musical numbers. Happy October 3!

Introduction of North Shore Lunch Table Cliques
In the style of: “Wilkommen” – Cabaret


“Wilkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Im North Shore! Au North Shore! To North Shore!” says Damian and Janis in matching purple tuxes as they walk the newbie (Cady) to the cafeteria.

The Rules of the Plastics
In the style of: “Candy Store” – Heathers, The Musical

Heathers GIF

Having lunch with the Plastics is like leaving the actual world and entering Heather Chandler’s candy store.

Meeting Mrs. George
In the style of: “When You’re Good to Mama” – Chicago

When You're Good To Mama

Ask any of the chickies in her pen, they’ll tell you she’s not a regular mom; she’s a cool mom.

The Burn Book
In the style of: “No Me Diga” – In the Heights

No Me Diga GIF

You didn’t hear it from me, but Amber D’Alessio made out with a hot dog.

That’s So Fetch
In the style of: “In My Own Little Corner” – Cinderella

Cinderella Brandy GIF

In Gretchen’s own little corner, in her own little chair, she can say “fetch” as many times as she wants and sing about how Regina took away her ability to wear white gold hoops in 4/4 time.

Ms. Norbury at P.J. Calamities
In the style of: “Out Tonight” – Rent

Out Tonight GIF

Look me in the eye, and tell me that lady’s body doesn’t want to put on a tight skirt and flirt with a stranger after working three jobs all week.

Three-Way Calling Attack
In the style of: “Telephone Hour” – Bye Bye Birdie

Telephone Hour GIF

Teenagers gossiping on the phone will always be timeless.

Principal Duval
In the style of: “Little Girls” – Annie

Little Girls GIF

The girls have gone wild, sheets of paper fly through the air, and a spot appears on Principal Duval as he sings, “High-school girls, high-school girls, everywhere I turn I can see them.”

Recalling Regina and Janis’ Friendship
In the style of: “Memory” – Cats

Memory Grizabella GIF

Janis has to have a moment all alone in the moonlight to dream of the old days before that “Kyle” showed up in Regina’s life.

Cady/Regina/Aaron Love Triangle
In the style of: “A Step Too Far” – Aida

Aida GIF

Cady is certain that she loves Aaron and that his hair looks sexy pushed back.

Spring Fling Nominations
In the style of: “I Hope I Get It” – A Chorus Line

A Chorus Line Headshots GIF

They really need that crown, oh God, they need that crown, they've got to get that crown...!

The Confessions
In the style of: “Cell Block Tango” – Chicago

Cell Block Tango GIF

And then Gretchen got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble. Gretchen got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble ten times.

Sucking Out the Poison
In the style of: “He Lives in You” – The Lion King

Lion King GIF

A nod to Cady’s African ties, why wouldn’t the spirit of life be calling as Cady sucks the poison out of her life?

Mathlete Competition
In the style of: “Cabinet Battle #2” – Hamilton

Daveed Diggs GIF

Kevin Gnapoor after Cady wins: “And if you don’t know, now you know, Mr. President.”

Spring Fling/Epilogue
In the style of: “You Can’t Stop the Beat” - Hairspray and “We Go Together” - Grease

We Go Together GIF

A cheesy, over-the-top finale highlighting the (literal) harmony between the new group of friends is the only acceptable way to end this fetch musical.

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