20 Famous Broadway Love Triangles

Photo Features   20 Famous Broadway Love Triangles
From The Phantom of the Opera to Hamilton, audiences can count on a love triangle to kick off drama and inspire showtune staples.

Love triangles make for intense emotions and delicious drama. (The producers of The Bachelor figured that one out and exploit it to the nth degree.)

A plot device used since Greek mythology (when sisters Hera and Demeter both slept with Zeus, gasp!) to the times of Shakespeare (with star-crossed lovers Romeo and Juliet and the wealthy Paris), the love triangle continues to be a staple in theatre. In musicals, it has led to such brilliant unrequited love power ballads as Les Misérables “On My Own” and Hamilton’s “Satisfied,” as well as beautiful three-part harmonies in “A Heart Full of Love” or “The Phantom’s Lair.”

Do you know all 20 of these Broadway love triangles? Scroll through the full gallery:

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