20 Tweets That Captured How We Felt During The Wiz Live!

News   20 Tweets That Captured How We Felt During The Wiz Live!
Over 11 million viewers tuned in to watch NBC's The Wiz Live! on Thursday night. Just like any live event, the viewers turned to Twitter to share their thoughts, opinions and memes. Here are some of the best tweets from the night.

The East-coasters were getting super hype as the broadcast kicked off, which made some West-coasters a little jealous.



Broadway fave Laura Benanti was very convincing with her work as Toto.


And everyone was wishing that they took singing lessons as a kid.



Even Broadway stars were impressed by the vocals happening last night.



And everyone was impressed with the work of the creative team, too.



There was no denying that former casts had to be proud that this production was SLAYING.



And everyone started relating scenes to their life. Which were incredibly accurate.



Like, really accurate.



Okay, a little TOO accurate.



Some kept things REAL.



Others were heartwarming.



And then there were the tweets that made us laugh.








By the time Uzo Aduba showed up, everyone was emotional.



And Uzo's talent did NOT help matters.



And everyone was talking about how this is the best live broadcast NBC has produced.



And how it really was inspiring a new generation.



Tony-winner Patina Miller explained it best.


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