37 LGBTQ Heroes in the Theatre Who Inspire You

Playbill Pride   37 LGBTQ Heroes in the Theatre Who Inspire You
We asked, you answered: Our followers shared what LGBTQ theatre heroes inspire them.

The month of June is the time to celebrate LGBTQ Pride, and this particular week is New York City Pride week, culminating in the Pride March on June 24. We asked our social media followers to share the LGBTQ heroes in real life and onstage that inspire them.

Flip through the 37 people or characters that inspire our viewers below:

Several of our readers also shared their personal stories of the people or characters who inspire them:

Maureen: She was the first representation of bisexuality I ever saw on stage or screen.

Prior Walter: The whole play has taught me about myself and came to me in a time of great confusion over who I was. Prior reminds me to take a step back, breathe, adapt, and then move when there are struggles. You can be alone and stuck, but it helps if you find a support system and friend like Belize and cut out the ones who negatively affect you, even if it's heartbreaking. I am so thankful for Tony Kushner's work.

Tina Landau: Such an inspiration to me! Since about 8th grade, I've wanted to be a director. It can be discouraging though, to see mostly male directors become successful in the entertainment business. When I first learned about Tina Landau, it helped me realize that getting into directing and becoming successful isn't too much of a reach for me after all!

Angel: She isn't afraid to be herself. And if you try to tell her what she's doing is 'wrong' or 'not normal' she just tells you off with style and I love that. I wish I had Angel's level of confidence!

Neil Patrick Harris: Because of his visibility and representation to live a full life. Onstage, Angel Dumott-Schunard because of her can-do attitude, generosity, and feeling that love always will win.

Alison Bechdel: The portrayal of Alison Bechdel's journey was so important to me. I vividly remember watching the performance of "Ring of Keys" at the Tonys and feeling such a strong connection to Alison. I did not know I was gay at the time and like Alison I had to look back and reflect to understand who I've always been.

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