A Day in the Life... with Constantine Maroulis

Special Features   A Day in the Life... with Constantine Maroulis
Constantine Maroulis rocks Broadway eight times a week in the hit show Rock of Ages. Playbill.com wants to know: What's a typical day like for a Broadway rock star? Maroulis gave us an exclusive look.

7 AM: I woke up early today. My warm-up starts as soon as I get up. I try not to talk that much…but with all the great press the show is getting, that's out the window these days! It's an all-day and all-night kind of job.

12 noon: Met Paul Reisman, my agent, for lunch. We went over some interests that have been coming in. Nice to have options, but I really love doing Rock of Ages and hope to take it all around the world. We have really cool producers—this is their first Broadway show, and they were fearlessly committed to making Rock of Ages happen. They first approached me the day I was eliminated from "Idol." I turned down Kenickie in Grease to be a part of it (the role went to Ace Young instead). I had a good feeling from the start.

2 PM: We went to the Boston Conservatory Senior Showcase where I used to go to school. I never got to showcase my senior year; it was a rough year. I lost my cousin in 9/11 and my best friend's father also died tragically in an accident. This was a huge blow to me. I had learned so much from them over the years, and they both believed in me. I wish they could see me now.

5 PM: Arrive at the theatre. From my dressing room upstairs I like to watch the line forming in front of the theatre. I feed off their energy.

Our show is a 1980s romp about two dreamers that meet on the Sunset Strip. This love story is a brilliant comedy told through the amazing and timeless songs from that "hair-band" era—Bon Jovi, Styx, Journey, etc. It's lots of fun. 5:30 PM: Jason, my best friend, just stopped over. We grab some dinner before the show.

7 PM: I've gotta catch Mike Francesca on YES before the show starts. Love him and love my Yankees!

8 PM Showtime!: It's going to be a great house tonight. I can see the line wrapped around the block. I'm ready to rock! Get into costume—pocket chain, jean vest, give the hair a spray and let's go!

9:20 PM Intermission: Quickly get the score of the Yanks game on a TV backstage. I don't have a costume change, so I can sit for a moment and cool off. The end of Act I is a big production number called "Here I Go Again," originally recorded by Whitesnake. The high F I sing is high, especially when you're dancing. I really do love this cast—they are perfect.

10:30 PM: It was a great show tonight! Then again, every night is a great night on Broadway.

10:45 PM: Signing some autographs and taking pictures. People really love this show; it's pretty awesome to see. I like walking past our billboard in Times Square. My first billboard—it's pretty cool!

Midnight: What a day. Let's do it all again tomorrow! I fall asleep to Sports Center on ESPN...oh, and the Yanks won.

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