A Look at Union Square Theatre's Acrobatic Spectacle, Traces (Video)

PlayBlog   A Look at Union Square Theatre's Acrobatic Spectacle, Traces (Video)
Traces, the acrobatic theatre show by the Montreal-based troupe 7 Fingers, officially opened at the Union Square Theatre Aug. 8, following previews that began July 29. The production got rave reviews, prompting producers to extend the limited run to Jan. 1, 2012; its original closing date was to be Oct. 9.

Here's how the show is billed: "If the world ended tomorrow, what would you leave behind? In Traces, the human body is pushed to its limits as a group of friends leave their mark in a run-down warehouse through acrobatics, music, and dance. Fusing the traditions of circus with the energy of street performance, Traces is an explosive display of raw emotion and physicality in an intimate urban setting. When it counts, will you leave it all on the stage?"

The cast of Traces includes Mason Ames, Valérie Benôit-Charbonneau, Mathieu Cloutier, Bradley Henderson, Phillipe Normand-Jenny, Xia Zhengqi and Florian Zumkehr with alternate cast members Héloïse Bourgeois, Sen Lin and William Underwood. Here, the performers offer a glimpse into the production, including a behind-the-scenes look at how some of their tricks are performed.

To check out highlights from Traces, look below:

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