A Personal Welcome to the Playbill Memory Bank

News   A Personal Welcome to the Playbill Memory Bank
Blake Ross, who is editor of Playbill Magazine, offers a personal welcome to the newest Playbill website, the Playbill Memory Bank.


When I started this job nearly five years ago, I had a serendipitous moment with a dusty box in my mother's attic. In that box, I found dozens of my grandmother's old Playbills — each scribbled with little personalized notes in the border about her experience at the theatre: what she had worn that night, who she went to the theatre with and whether or not she liked what she saw.

My grandmother, like the millions of other theatre lovers out there, saved every one of her Playbills. As a theatre lover I understand that connection has as much, if not more to do with your experience at the theatre as it has to do with a connection to our magazine, that has been sitting alongside you during practically every show for the past 128 years.

And while we at Playbill cherish our role inside the theatre, we couldn’t help but think: How can we expand that experience? So we went back to that box of Playbills and thought, why not dust them off?

Enter the Playbill Memory Bank — a place for you and your family and friends to share your theatergoing memories with the world, plan tomorrow's adventure, meet new friends and preserve the magic of Broadway. In December, we launched Playbill's digital archives, the Playbill Vault. There, you can view thousands of Playbills from the 1920s through today. Now, with the Playbill Memory Bank, you can personalize those extensive archives and share it with your friends. You can do a lot of other cool stuff too, like, plan for more nights out at the theatre, upload non-Playbill programs and ticket stub images, share photos from the stage door and more! It's like a personalized theatre scrapbook you keep forever online.

Our flagship online operation, Playbill.com, has been around since 1994. 18 years later, we’ve been increasing our digital footprint to include the Playbill Store, the Playbill Club, Playbill Mobile, Playbill Professional, Playbill Vault and now, the Playbill Memory Bank. In the coming months, you’ll be seeing even more from us, both online and in the magazine, as we continue to expand the horizons for our brand. We are so honored to have been a part of this industry for as long as we have, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship with the community and with theatregoers like you!

I'd love to hear how you think we're doing. Email me at bross@playbill.com with your comments, gripes, complements or general thoughts. And be sure to "friend" me on the Memory Bank at PlaybillMB.com/BlakeRoss.

See you at the theatre!

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