A Rehearsal Room Floods

PlayBlog   A Rehearsal Room Floods
When water starts dripping on your script in the middle of rehearsal, it's not a good sign. On Oct. 8, the work of the cast of Off-Broadway's The Late Christopher Bean, presented by TACT/The Actors Company Theatre, was interrupted — to say the least.

Co-artistic director Scott Alan Evans told Playbill.com, "We began to hear something funny and soon realized there was water dripping somewhere. Almost instantly, the water turned from an innocent drip into a downpour in our office and rehearsal space. We all jumped up and began to move whatever we could out of the way of the raining water. It soon became clear we needed to get everyone out of there. When we opened door to the hall we were confronted by a cascade of water falling down the elevator shaft opposite our studio flooding the hall. Thankfully, we had a great cast and two fantastic stage managers all working closely in concert together without whom, the damage would have been much greater."

The cause of the disaster? "Evidently a major water pipe on the tenth floor just above us burst and all the water from the 8,000 gallon water tank on the roof — aided by 150 lbs of pressure — poured down through the building and into our space," Evans said. "Too bad we weren't in rehearsals for Titanic, or The Unsinkable Molly Brown…the sense memories might then have been more valuable. Nevertheless, it was a great testament to the collaborative and improvisational spirit of the theatre that saw us through and has subsequently bonded the Bean cast together in an instant — far more quickly than any theatre game or group building exercise I know of."

While industrial de-humidifiers dried out the TACT office and rehearsal space at 20th and Broadway, the cast spent a day of rehearsal in the East Village. Evans said, "They say rain on an opening night is a good sign — so imagine how lucky we are to have had rain actually in our rehearsal room!"

TACT's revival of Sidney Howard's The Late Christopher Bean begins performances Nov. 1 at the Beckett Theatre on West 42nd Street.

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