About Last Night: The Blondes Invade Jersey

Inside Track   About Last Night: The Blondes Invade Jersey
So there I was. On the NJ Transit during rush hour. There are few things that would get me on a rush hour train. Taking my best friend Lindsay to see the opening night of the Newark engagement of the Legally Blonde national tour because it’s her “FAV-O-RITE show ever! Pu—leeeze!” is one of them.

Anyway, there we are, on this sardine can of a train. Lindsay is humming “Oh my God, Oh my God you guys” and the guy next to us gives me this grimace like he’s about five seconds away from telling Lindsay, “Oh my god, shut up!”

Once we get dropped off at Newark Penn Station (and angry commuter man takes a sigh of relief), the smell of Aunt Annie’s pretzels wafting up from the food court hits, and I know everything’s going to be all right. Because carbs equal happiness in this equation, understand?

With pretzel in hand, we make our way to NJPAC. We are greeted by hundreds of bedazzled, pink-covered children. (Lindsay gets mad that she left her Legally Blonde tank at home. I remind her she’s got at least two decades on most of these children and she reluctantly gets over it.)

The show is what Legally Blonde has always been throughout its many incarnations from the silver screen to Broadway to television and now to a touring production: sugary, sweet fun. I took the time during intermission to quiz some of the pint-sized patrons next to me about what they thought of the show.

“Oh my god I loved it,” child # 1 yells in my face. “Yeah, those dogs are so cute,” child #2 says. “Did you see him jump up on her shoulder? That was so funny,” child #1 says back. Child #3 interjects, “I want her clothes. Her dad is funny.”

They then erupt into a whirlwind of child chatter and I can see out of the corner of my eye that Lindsay is dying to get in on the action. Just then, the lights go down. I can tell Lindsay is a little disappointed that she didn’t get to talk about her favorite part, but I promise her we have a whole train ride to debrief after the show.

Watching my best friend turn into a giddy child for 2-plus hours was well worth the commute.

[caption id="attachment_2394" align="aligncenter" width="201" caption="Becky Gulsvig as Elle in the National Tour of Legally Blonde. Photo by Joan Marcus"]Becky Gulsvig as Elle in the National Tour of Legally Blonde. Photo by Joan Marcus[/caption]

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