Actor Accidentally Stabbed During Performance in Tucson

News   Actor Accidentally Stabbed During Performance in Tucson
Actor Ken Beider was accidentally stabbed during a recent performance in Arizona, prompting an ambulance to arrive during intermission and rush him to hospital.

The accident occurred during Gavin Kayner's "The Language of Flowers" at the Tucson Temple of Music and Art's Cabaret Theatre May 31, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

The actor was stabbed in the stomach with a serrated knife by a fellow cast member at the end of the first act and still managed to finish the scene despite the injury. "I had my adrenaline going with the audience there and I pulled the knife out and I got my breath and continued with the scene," Beider told the Associated Press.

Paul Brunelle, who was working the lights during the performance, told the Daily Star that "after the act, he took about 30 seconds to get up...When the lights went up, everyone was completely quiet."

Following an emergency treatment of 12 staples, Beider is reportedly recovering at home without any internal injuries; all remaining performances have been canceled.

The incident brings to mind other onstage accidents. As reported by, Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark actor Daniel Curry sued the show's producers for a series of injuries incurred during performances. The production was plagued by numerous cast injuries and accidents.  

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