Alabama Symphony Executive Director Resigns

Classic Arts News   Alabama Symphony Executive Director Resigns
Paul Ferrone has resigned as executive director of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, reports The Birmingham News.

He has been in the post for three seasons and is leaving the orchestra in good shape, according to the paper, with a balanced budget and a new music director, British conductor Justin Brown.

Ferrone, 56, had previously spent three years as general manager and development director at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in Connecticut.

During Ferrone's tenure the ASO has doubled its donor base and increased its performances by 30 percent, according to the paper. Revenue rose from $5.26 million to $5.39 million, and the orchestra has balanced the budget each year. Attendance figures have remained fairly steady.

However, despited his successes, Ferrone reportedly felt new leadership might still benefit the orchestra. The Birmingham News quotes him as saying, "There's a season for everything. The ASO is at a point where it needs a slightly different type of leadership. It's time for each of us to go in slightly different directions and remain good friends."

A search for Ferrone's successor will begin soon.

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