Amelia, Acclaimed Civil War Romance, Will Get NYC Premiere on Governors Island

News   Amelia, Acclaimed Civil War Romance, Will Get NYC Premiere on Governors Island
Amelia, Alex Webb's two-person Civil War drama about a wife disguising herself as a Union soldier to find her missing husband Down South, will make its New York City premiere in a unique site-specific production on historic Governors Island.

Shirleyann Kaladjian
Shirleyann Kaladjian

Free performances of the same critically acclaimed Equity production that had its world premiere in January at Washington Stage Guild's home in Washington, DC, will play May 26-June 17 in the Fort Jay Powder Magazine on New York City's Governors Island (situated between Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn). One of the island's many uses over the years was as a former Civil War prison camp.

The picaresque drama, staged with spare intensity that encourages an audience to use its imagination, has its climax at the notorious Andersonville Prison Camp in Georgia.

Webb portrays multiple characters opposite Shirleyann Kaladjian, who plays the title character. Webb and Kaladjian are veterans of New York City's Aquila Theater Company.

"It's a little-known fact that there were approximately 500 women who masqueraded as men and fought in the Civil War," Webb said in production notes. "My play isn't a celebration of the legendary generals that are so often at the center of history. This is the Civil War from the perspective of a woman, the story of common people dealing with uncommon circumstances."

He added, "I am passionate about the lost stories. The true heroics of so-called average people are drowned out by the bluster of those who have the power to write history. Amelia is a celebration of the inherent theatricality of two actors using only their voices, bodies and passion to recreate the power and tragedy of the American Civil War." Amelia is directed by five-time Helen Hayes Award nominee Bill Largess, artistic director of the Washington Stage Guild. Four-time Helen Hayes Award nominee Marianne Meadows is the lighting designer. Sigridur Johannesdottir is the costume designer. Stowe Nelson is the sound designer.

The play runs 95 minutes and is performed without an intermission.

Amelia will be presented 3 PM Thursdays through Sundays, May 26-June 17. Admission is free, but reservations are required. To make a reservation, or for more information, visit


Amelia had its world premiere at the Washington Stage Guild in Washington, DC, where it was extended following positive reviews. It had two previous public developmental readings. It was selected to inaugurate the Davenport Reading Series sponsored by producer Ken Davenport (Godspell, Blithe Spirit, Oleanna). It was then invited to be a part of the Kennedy Center's Page to Stage reading series.

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