American Symphony Orchestra League Picks 10 Orchestras for Workshop

Classic Arts News   American Symphony Orchestra League Picks 10 Orchestras for Workshop
The American Symphony Orchestra League has named the 10 orchestras that will participate in its Institutional Vision Leadership Initiative, a two-year workshop for orchestra leaders.

The orchestras range in size from Connecticut's Waterbury Symphony and Appleton, Wisconsin's Fox Valley Symphony to the world-class Houston Symphony. They also include the Boise Philharmonic; the Des Moines Symphony; the Illinois Symphony, which performs in Springfield and Bloomington; the Orlando Philharmonic; Southern California's Pacific Symphony; the San Antonio Symphony; and the Virginia Symphony.

Representatives of the orchestras, including executive directors, board members, music directors, and musicians, will meet in July at a retreat in Illinois, where they will discuss governance issues with Thomas Morris, the former executive director of the Cleveland Orchestra, and other industry figures.

During the seminar, the representatives of each orchestra will identify an institutional challenge that they face; over the next two years they will work to find solutions. During that period, faculty members will visit the orchestras to discuss their strategies, and the orchestras will issue semi-annual reports on their progress. In 2007, the orchestra representatives will reconvene at the ASOL's national conference.

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