Amoralists' Hotel/Motel Extends Engagement at Gershwin Hotel

News   Amoralists' Hotel/Motel Extends Engagement at Gershwin Hotel
The Amoralists' new site-specific double-bill Hotel/Motel will extend its stay at the Gershwin Hotel for an additional three weeks of performances through Sept. 19.

Adam Rapp
Adam Rapp Photo by Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Hotel/Motel, comprised of the New York premiere of Adam Rapp's Animals and Plants, as well as the world premiere of Amoralists' resident writer Derek Ahonen's Pink Knees on Pale Skin, began previews Aug. 4 and officially opened Aug. 10.

The playwrights each direct their respective plays, which were originally scheduled to run through Aug. 29. The double feature is held at the hotel and includes an audience of only 20 for each performance, creating an "epic experience of intimacy."

Animals and Plants, by Rapp, features a cast that includes Matthew Pilieci, William Apps, Katie Broad and Brian Mendes. According to press notes, "On the night of a terrible blizzard, two drug runners are snowbound in a cheap motel room at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains. As they wait for their connection, they are visited by a mysterious young woman who may or may not figure into their future. While the snow mounts and the night slips into darkness, the money disappears, a long-time friendship is tested, and all three of their lives will be changed forever.

Ahonen's Pink Knees on Pale Skin features Sarah Lemp, Jordan Tisdale, James Kautz, Vanessa Vache, Byron Anthony, Anna Stromberg and Nick Lawson in the cast. Pink Knees on Pale Skin focuses on "the Wyatt and Williams families [who] are meeting with Dr. Sarah, aka The Orgy Counselor. The plan: to participate in an organized orgy held in a discrete hotel room. But on this particular night, Dr. Sarah has designed a self-destructive twist, guaranteed to unleash chaos upon all involved. Pink Knees on Pale Skin is a comedy about orgies gone bad and a drama about marriage and regret."

Cast swings include Selene Beretta, Sarah Roy, Becky Fong, Paul Terkel and Craig Peugh. Members of the creative team include set designer Alfred Schatz, lighting designer Keith Parham, costume designer Jessica Pabst, sound designer Phil Carluzzo, assistant director (Animals and Plants) Gretchen Hollis Steinbrunner, assistant director (Pink Knees on Pale Skin) Lucas Beck, prop master Judy Merrick and stage manager Jaimie Van Dyke with special effects by Jeremy Chernick and artwork by Danica Novgorodoff. Shoshona Currier produces. Kelcie Beene is associate producer.

The Amoralists is a theatre company that produces work of no moral judgment. Dedicated to an honest expression of the American condition, the actor-driven ensemble explores complex characters of moral ambiguity. For more information, visit

The Gershwin Hotel is located at 7 East 27th Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. For tickets, call (212) 868-4444 or visit

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