Arkin Brothers, Loretta Greco, Matt McGrath, Laura Heisler and More Will Populate SCR's Pacific Playwrights Fest

News   Arkin Brothers, Loretta Greco, Matt McGrath, Laura Heisler and More Will Populate SCR's Pacific Playwrights Fest
Brothers Adam Arkin and Matthew Arkin will play brothers Joey and Kevin Colletti in the reading of Steven Drukman's The Prince of Atlantis, one of five new works scheduled to be read at the 14th Annual Pacific Playwrights Festival (PPF) at South Coast Repertory in Costa Mesa, CA, April 29-May 1.

Laura Heisler
Laura Heisler

The Prince of Atlantis will mark the first time that Adam (SCR's Brooklyn Boy) and Matthew (SCR's Our Mother's Brief Affair) appear on stage together. "Adam Arkin plays older brother Joey, who finds himself in a minimum-security prison just as the son he gave up for adoption writes to say he'd like to meet him," according to SCR notes. "Matthew Arkin is Kevin, the younger brother assigned to keep the son from discovering the truth."

Dámaso Rodriguez will direct the play, which will also star Michael Weston ("House") and Amy Landecker (A Serious Man).

On April 14, SCR announced directors and casting for the festival of readings.

Shelley Butler (SCR's A Wrinkle in Time) will direct Catherine Trieschmann's How the World Began, with Kirsten Potter playing a teacher "who ignites a controversy with an off-hand remark in biology class." Jarrett Sleeper is the student upset by her remark, and Joe Spano is his grandfather.

David Chambers (SCR's The Intelligent Design of Jenny Chow) will direct The Droll {Or, a Stage-Play about the END of Theatre} by Meg Miroshnik, a graduate student at the Yale School of Drama. "Set in a world reminiscent of Puritanical England, it imagines a theatrical troupe trying to mount a secret production of Hamlet," according to SCR. The players will include Tessa Auberjonois, Nathan Baesel, Matt McGrath and Laura Heisler, with other roles still to be cast. Loretta Greco (SCR's Goldfish) will direct Annapurna, Sharr White's drama about "a dying poet endeavoring to understand why his wife disappeared 20 years earlier — and why she's suddenly come back." Casting will be announced.

Octavio Solis will direct a musical he’s written with Adam Gwon entitled Cloudlands, "in which an 18-year-old embarks on a dangerous path after she learns her mother is having an affair. Courtney Stokes plays the teenager; Heather Ayres is her mother. Daniel Guzman, Ethan Le Phong and Robert Mammana round out the cast.

Anchoring the 14th annual Pacific Playwrights Festival are the continuing full productions of Lauren Gunderson's Silent Sky, "a beautiful historical drama based on the life of turn-of-the-century astronomer Henrietta Leavitt," and Itamar Moses' Completeness, "a romantic comedy about two graduate students who find that love is the most complicated algorithm of all."

The festival runs April 29-May 1. For schedule information and tickets, visit

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